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Oceans 11 Imdb

Oceans 11 Imdb Inhaltsverzeichnis

Ocean's Eleven () Goofs on IMDb: Mistakes, Errors in geography, Spoilers and more. Ocean's Eleven. ()IMDb h 56minX-Ray. The dialogue is quick-fire in this star-studded remake of the Rat Pack version. Danny Ocean is fresh. Ocean's Eleven ist ein Spielfilm aus dem Jahr von Steven Soderbergh. Er ist eine Neuverfilmung des Films Frankie und seine Spießgesellen von Ocean's Eleven. Hagan juego () - IMDb. Jan 17, - "OCEAN'S ELEVEN" - The version. I found it more entertaining than the I found it more entertaining than the. Gemerkt von imdb.​com.

Oceans 11 Imdb

Jan 17, - "OCEAN'S ELEVEN" - The version. I found it more entertaining than the I found it more entertaining than the. Gemerkt von imdb.​com. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Ocean's Eleven. /db_data/​movies/oceans11/scen/l/ IMDB-Rating: / Kinostart CH-D. Ocean's Eleven. ()IMDb h 56minX-Ray. The dialogue is quick-fire in this star-studded remake of the Rat Pack version. Danny Ocean is fresh.

Oceans 11 Imdb Video

He got the filmmakers access to see more casinos. Read more Reviews This movie stinks but looks cool. Sinatra and gang normally cool but are borderline lame in this movie and it's the script that should have been put in that casket with Freeslotgames Conte, not the mony. Jack Strager Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Robert Bice Sinatra was phoning it in as was Martin. Freeman - Casino Owner uncredited John George Use the HTML. Ocean's Twelve Plainclothes Goon 2. - Erkunde Adrian H.s Pinnwand „Oceans Eleven (Movie)“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Ocean's Thirteen () - IMDb. Directed by Steven​. Gemerkt von Entdecke Ideen zu Kirk Douglas. "Ocean's Eleven" movie still, L to R: Carl Reiner, Brad Pitt. Kirk DouglasAnn MargretBrad Pitt. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Ocean's Eleven. /db_data/​movies/oceans11/scen/l/ IMDB-Rating: / Kinostart CH-D. Trylogia ta, będąca źródłem rozrywki i humoru, jest również skarbnicą świetnych kostiumów filmowych. „Oceans's Eleven: Ryzykowna gra” to remake filmu z. Danny Ocean will die drei größten Casinos der Stadt gleichzeitig ausnehmen, und dazu engagiert er die elf besten Spezialisten der Branche. All Rights Reserved. Yen also has the minute oxygen supply, in there, so I'm sure he has other worries than. Duffy Square the red steps in Times Square could two minutes away from the Times Square subway station on 42nd street, even though the steps are between 46th and 47th street. The chips in the pot at the card game change continually here the scene. Titelvarianten Remarkable, GebГјhren FГјr KontoauflГ¶sung similar Eleven. Links und Medien Filminfos:. Larry Blake.

Oceans 11 Imdb Video

Oceans 11 Imdb

Oceans 11 Imdb - Nach 'Traffic' der neue Film von Stephen Soderbergh

Das Fahrzeug wurde jedoch ferngesteuert und die Geldtaschen enthalten nur wertlose Zettel. Keine 24 Stunden nach seiner Entlassung auf Bewährung aus einer Strafanstalt in New Jersey schmiedet der verschrobene, charismatische Dieb bereits schon seinen nächsten Plan. Philip Messina. However, since they were just taught how to play poker, he wouldn't know that. David Holmes. Frank is squeezing the salesman's hand when buying the van. Duffy Square the red steps in Times Square could two minutes away from the Times Square subway station on 42nd street, even though the steps are between 46th and 47th street. Keine 24 Stunden nach seiner Entlassung nice Beste Spielothek in Gerterode finden can Bewährung aus einer Strafanstalt in New Jersey schmiedet der verschrobene, charismatische Dieb bereits schon Premium Singles nächsten Plan. I'm seeing a nice lady who works the unmentionables counter at Macy's". As the deal is agreed the salesman rubs his right hand his left but in the next shot Frank still has hold of the salesman's right hand. Steven Soderbergh. David Holmes. The correct Beste Spielothek in Fenne of the expression is "Before you can walk you have to crawl. The shot before Linus pickpockets the stock broker, he is holding the pen with the tip in his mouth. In the race between the Big truck and the radio controlled little truck, the position of the tires relative to the start line changes between scene cuts. Regisseur Steven Soderbergh war wegen der unterschiedlichen Klangfarbe mit Detlef Bierstedt als George Something Beste Spielothek in Romatsried finden pity deutsche Standardstimme nicht zufrieden. Nun stellt er ihn zur Rede, da er ihn verdächtigt, den Überfall inszeniert zu haben.

During downtime, the cast often crowded around Carl Reiner to listen to his stories. When Rusty Ryan Brad Pitt is teaching the "teen idols" to play poker, all of the actors are actual "teen idols" who were at the time starring in popular TV shows.

Bruce Willis was originally cast as Danny Ocean, but had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts. He would later make a cameo appearance in the sequel.

Steven Soderbergh said that the film was an opportunity to give audiences "pleasure from beginning to end.

Shaobo Qin didn't speak much English. He had a translator on set who would tell him what to do. Steven Soderbergh used a degree shutter effect for the flashback scenes.

It causes the film to be exposed to light for less time than usual and results in more of a choppy feel. Matt Damon said the scene at the fountain was the last thing they shot and "oddly emotional.

There is a scene in the trailer in which Danny asks the parole-board members how much they earn a year. This was cut from the movie because the director talked to some actual parole-board members and they all agreed that if a prospective parolee were to make that comment, he'd be denied parole.

George Clooney and the other actors played pranks on Julia Roberts. Sometimes they left 5 AM wake-up calls for her when she didn't need to be on set until noon.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney hadn't met before the movie. With the exception of the title character "Danny Ocean", none of the principal characters have the same names as their counterparts in the version of the film.

Steven Soderbergh wanted someone associated with s cinema to play Reuben Tishkoff. Elliott Gould was suggested by a member of the crew.

Soderbergh realized he would be perfect for the role. Henry Silva and Angie Dickinson , who both appeared in the original Ocean's 11 , make cameo appearances during the fight scene.

This would mark Silva's last appearance in a film as he has since retired. The Bellagio closed their valet parking for the movie. Even the high rollers had to use the parking garage.

Director Steven Soderbergh originally wanted to shoot the movie in black and white. Warner Brothers said he could only if he drastically reduced the filming costs, so Soderbergh changed his mind.

One of Elvis's least known songs, it received a remixed version by Thomas Holkenberg Junkie XL and became a hit on the radio.

Steven Soderbergh didn't want any characters to get seriously hurt in the movie: "It's probably the least threatening film I've ever made That was conscious on my part.

The Bellagio granted the crew full access. Producer Jerry Weintraub was friends with former owner Steve Wynn. Wynn sold the Bellagio to Kirk Kerkorian before filming, but Weintraub was friends with him too.

Don Cheadle admitted that his Cockney accent isn't great. He wanted to change it for the sequels, but his agent said no. Most of the movie was shot in Las Vegas, where producer Jerry Weintraub had many connections.

He got the filmmakers access to the casinos. George Clooney called him the "Pope of Vegas. Casey Affleck and Scott Caan improvised some of their lines in the movie.

George Clooney had a keg of Guinness installed in his dressing room. He liked the way the men in those movies had a shorthand with each other that only they understood.

Julia Roberts filmed all of her scenes in two weeks. Brad Pitt had just been in Spy Game Pitt agreed to be in the film after being asked by George Clooney , who was the first to join the cast.

It was designed by architect Quincy Jones and was originally built by a Chicago family. Bernie Mac improvised some of his lines, including "You want me to get on the table and dance?

Screenwriter Ted Griffin based Virgil and Turk's arguments on fights he and his brother had as kids. The filmmakers were looking for someone with specific acrobatic skills to play the part of Yen.

They discovered Shaobo Qin performing with the troupe in Las Vegas. He had never acted before. These two have never fought, but on June 21, , Lewis fought Vladimir's older brother, Vitali Klitschko.

Steven Soderbergh came up with the line "I hope you were the groom" on set. The commercials were meant to be so accurate that the very same card table used in the film was tracked down and rented for them.

After this film, Shaobo Qin considered being a stuntman. He eventually returned to the Peking Acrobats.

The name of the character Bucky Buchanan, who is almost blowing Saul's cover, is a nod to the comic books and later movies of "Captain America" where Steve Rogers' friend and occasional nemesis' name is James 'Bucky' Buchanan Barnes.

Critics slammed him for his accent, and Cheadle himself admitted that it was not very good. In the following two "Oceans" sequels, Basher talks about the importance of a good fake accent with Tess Julia Roberts , and is ultimately seen reading a book on speech and diction, using it to later effectively "pull off" a passable American accent.

Throughout the movie Basher speaks in Cockney rhyming slang. The most prominent example is when he uses the term "Barney Rubble" as a replacement for "trouble".

The elevator shaft was created with visual effects. The actors were only a few feet off the ground. In the first shot of Rusty in Hollywood that we see, he is actually facing a large mural of Frank Sinatra.

However, in trying to break free of the original Ocean's 11 , the director decided to keep from showing it. Scott Caan's father, James Caan, played Santino "Sonny" Corleone, whose exchange with Sollozzo led to his father's attempted assassination.

Don Cheadle went to London and talked to people there to get his accent down. But when Ocean's Eleven came out, Roberts was entering her second decade of stardom; she was at the time the highest-paid actress in history and already an Oscar-winner.

There is a persistent rumor that Ben Affleck makes a cameo appearance but, although he did visit the set, he does not appear on screen.

Tess makes her entrance descending the grand staircase in Bellagio's Conservatory. This staircase was torn down two years after the movie was released and only five years after Bellagio opened to make way for a passage to the new Spa Tower wing of the property.

This facility was the setting of Scared Straight! Parole hearings at "Rahway State" are held in a conference room near the inmate dining hall.

The cell block that Danny was being escorted from is "3-Wing" - a regular, working cell block. The inmates were either confined to their cells or relocated to other areas of the prison for the filming.

The "Officer" escorting Danny out of the cell block and securing the gate, was actually a Lieutenant, and at the time, was the coordinator of the "Scared Straight" program.

George Clooney , Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts all appear as special guests in single episodes, and Elliott Gould is Monica and Ross Geller's father, who appears sporadically throughout the series.

Harvey denied this on his radio show. Shaobo Qin builds a house of cards on the diving board. Joey Bishop and Akim Tamiroff built a house of cards in the original Ocean's 11 In one of the scenes where the gang is discussing the heist, they are sitting in a house that is actually under the busy streets of Las Vegas.

The club didn't have a back room, so the crew built one for the movie on a separate set. Jerry Weintraub asked Carl Reiner to be in the movie a few days before he had to be on set.

They'd known each other for years. Weintraub produced Oh, God! The scene where Virgil Malloy is controlling the remote controlled van is the only scene in the movie where he is seen separate from his brother Turk.

The brothers are in every scene together prior. Jon Favreau was offered to write the screenplay but turned it down.

It was Elliott Gould 's idea for his character to smoke a cigar. Alan Arkin was originally cast as Saul Bloom but dropped out due to personal reasons.

They all acted in Clooney's directorial debut Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Sammy Davis Jr. Don Rickles was an early choice to play Saul Bloom.

Johnny Depp was considered for the role of Linus Caldwell. The crew shot Andy Garcia exiting the vault and continuing down the hallway two weeks apart.

No subtitles are used when Yen Shaobo Qin speaks Mandarin, though they are not necessary. His first line, when they are discussing how to get into the vault, is "Why not dig a hole under the ground?

His second line, said in anger when Linus nearly gets them caught while stealing the pinch, is, "He didn't listen to us!

He's really in big trouble now. Three members of the cast have appeared on ER Mourner at Cremation uncredited Willie Bloom Stickman uncredited Richard Boone Voice of Minister voice uncredited George Boyce Casino Patron uncredited Norman Brooks Norman Brooks uncredited Paul Bryar Cop uncredited Boyd Cabeen Casino Patron uncredited David Carlile Attendant uncredited Laura Cornell Honeyface - Massler's Wife uncredited John Craven Cashier uncredited Ronnie Dapo Timmy Bergdorf uncredited Jerry Dodgion Saxophone Player uncredited Ken DuMain Croupier uncredited George Fenneman Red Cap uncredited Ralph Gambina Burlesque Club Patron uncredited Gregory Gaye Freeman - Casino Owner uncredited John George Vendor uncredited Leonard George Police Operator uncredited Jay Gerard Cab Driver uncredited Hoot Gibson Roadblock Deputy uncredited Bob Gilbreath Helicopter Pilot uncredited Joseph Glick Burlesque Club Patron uncredited Joe Gray Pit Boss uncredited Brad Harris Minor Role uncredited Chester Hayes Truck Driver uncredited Jack Henderson Commuter uncredited Dick Hudkins Drunk uncredited John Indrisano Texan uncredited Jessica James Go-Go Dancer uncredited Helen Jay Girl uncredited Michael Jeffers Casino Patron uncredited William Justine Parelli uncredited Sparky Kaye Riviera Manager uncredited Johnny Kern Waiter uncredited Mike Lally Flamingo MC uncredited Forrest Lederer Sands Manager uncredited Pinky Lee Riviera Employee uncredited Nelson Leigh Rabbi uncredited Shirley MacLaine Tipsy Girl uncredited Maurice Marks Gambler uncredited William Meader Casino Patron uncredited Charles Meredith Cohen - Mortician uncredited Tom Middleton Dolores uncredited Red Norvo Red Norvo uncredited William H.

Waiter at Burlesque Club uncredited Ted Otis Cashier uncredited Steve Pendleton Major Taylor uncredited Jack Perrin Nightclub Patron uncredited Carmen Phillips Hungry Girl uncredited Louis Quinn DeWolfe uncredited Fred Rapport Casino Patron uncredited Red Norvo Quintet Red Norvo Quintet uncredited Tony Regan Hairdresser uncredited Myrna Ross Passenger uncredited Jack Santoro Cashier uncredited Cosmo Sardo Barber uncredited Jeffrey Sayre Customer at Drucker's uncredited Bernard Sell Casino Patron uncredited Robert 'Buddy' Shaw Cashier uncredited Shiva Snake Dancer uncredited Al Silvani Burlesque Club Manager uncredited Richard Sinatra Attendant uncredited John Slosser Squad Leader uncredited Walter Smith

Danny is bloodied in his Multilotto Bonus with Bruiser, and some blood gets on his shirt collar. Chain attached to briefcase is longer when in the vault then when it is transferred to Saul. Las Vegas has never marketed itself as "America's Playground. Since the hole is circular through which he enters the cartit would be nearly impossible to please click for source able to put a rectangular item such as the briefcase and especially of that size through that hole. Showing all 56 items. The location of the untied bow tie changes several Oceans 11 Imdb. At one point during the movie Danny says to Linus "Before you can crawl you have to walk. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Https:// Yen opens money cart in vault and briefcase slides off, the chain is longer and the briefcase goes a lot further over the side of the cart. Der Film endet, indem die drei im Auto davonfahren und ihnen FГјr Spielsucht Hilfe darauf zwei von Benedicts Leuten folgen. Editing: Stpehen Mirrione. Despite repeated warnings about Benedict, should he ever find out who was responsible for the heist, the crew leaves all of the equipment behind in their room - which would not only be covered with each of their fingerprints but could possibly be traced back Premium Singles Reuben as their supplier. Camera: Steven Soderbergh. Where is he? I can understand why. Shop Owner David Sontag I can suspend my disbelief as much as the next guy but you'd have to be Alter Verifizieren Sky dead to buy into this part of the story. Spike Jonze was originally cast as Danny Ocean, but dropped out to direct Adaptation Terry Benedict John C. Action Comedy Crime.

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